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Exodus (2013)

Filming of the film of Ridley Scott in Almería and Fuerteventura.

Torrente 5 (2013)

Filming of the film of Santiago Segura.

Prone Gunman (2013)

Filming of the film of Pierre Morel.

Fast and Furious 6 (2012)

Filming of the film of Justin Lin.

Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi (2012)

Filming of the film of Alex de la Iglesia.

Lobos de Arga (2011)

Filming in Galicia and Madrid of the film “Lobos de Arga” of Telespan 2000.

La montaña Rusa (2011)

Filming of the new film of Enrique Cerezo,P.C. “La montaña Rusa”.

Ni pies ni cabeza (2011)

Filming of the new film of Santo y Seña. “Ni pies ni cabeza”.

Torrente 4 (October 2010)

Last October we completed the filming of “Torrente 4”.

El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial (16-08-2010)

We special effects "El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial" the film adaptation of the mythical hero comic.

Dreams 2 (August 2010)

Dreams 2 premiere in La Coruña the last August.

No lo llames Amor, llámalo X (2010)

We will make special effects in the new film by Nacho G. Velilla.

Haywire (2010)

Filming in Barcelona of "Haywire" by Steven Soderbergh.

Enrique Bunbury (17-04-2010)

We perform the first concert special effects 3D Enrique Bunbury for Canal +, directed by Paco Plaza. See Video.

Alfonso, El Príncipe Maldito (2010)

Special effects in the TV Movie "Alfonso, El Príncipe Maldito" from the producer Videomedia to Telecinco.

El Discípulo (15-10-2009)

We have moved to Baza (Granada) for special effects in film production Ircania Productions. Web:

TV Movie "Adolfo Suarez" (01-10-2009)

In the month of October we completed the shooting with the producer of the TV Movie Europroducciones that develops the most important moments in the life of Adolfo Suarez.

Cíclope (10-09-2009)

We make special effects in the short Cyclops Carlos Morett. It's a short set in the Madrid of the future. See Video.

Festival de Sitges 2009 (06-09-2009)

We hand the special effects of the producer Lee Films in promotional spot for the 42nd edition of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. See Video.

¡¡ DREAMS 2 en Santander!! (06-08-2009)

After the success in Madrid, Palacio de Deportes de Santander welcome on days 3, 4, 5 and 6 August the show Dreams 2, until then we will move to make the special effects show.

Que se mueran los feos (06-07-2009)

We started filming in Jaca (Huesca) from the new production of Antena 3 Films "Let them die the ugly" by director Nacho G. Velilla. Velilla.

La Venganza de Ira Vamp (22-06-2009)

"Revenge of Ira Vamp" (A couple of fear) is the new film from director Alvaro Saenz de Heredia, produced by Enrique Cerezo, PC on which we collaborated.

La Daga de Rasputín (15-04-2009)

We make special effects in the new film from director Jesus Bonilla "La Daga de Rasputín" produced by Enrique Cerezo, P.C.

Dreams 2 (01-08-2008)

We are making together with a large team of entertainers for the event tests Dreams 2.

Real Madrid (18-05-2008)

Last May we made in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium special effects during the gala to celebrate the League title 2007/2008.

Rose et Noir, de Gérard Jugnot (10-05-2008)

We recently finished shooting the Franco-Spanish production "Rose et Noir" produced by the Spanish producer "Flamenco Films". Gran parte del film se ha rodado en localidades andaluzas. Much of the film was shot in Andalusian towns.

Gordos, de Daniel Sanchez Arevalo (15-04-2008)

This spring we began shooting the new film by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (Azul Oscuro Casi Negro) for producing Tesela film productions.

Gala Elección Reina Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (30-01-2008)

We moved to the island for special effects.

El Dos de Mayo, de José Luis Garci (24-09-2007)

Bicentenerario To commemorate the uprising of May 2, 1808, began last September, the filming of this movie to the orders of José Luis Garci.

Barbykiller, Morirás por Ella, de Miguel Martí (01-06-2007)

In June Barbykiller started shooting in the natural scenery of the town of Comillas in Cantabria.

Fuera de Carta, de Nacho García Velilla (01-05-2007)

Filming in Madrid in this film, directed by Nacho Garcia Velilla.

Toro Animatrónico (01-02-2007)

Toro Animatrónico

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